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Petal Flowerface Mist


Want to feel like a flower? You can with FLOWERFACE Petal mist. 

Made with REAL flowers to soothe the senses and support moods, everything feels softer and smells sweeter with Petal. Rose otto, rose geranium oils and rosewater create a gentle, nurturing scent for body and mind.

How do I use it?

Spritz Petal on face and skin for hydration, in hair to freshen, on pillow + bedding and around your space for soothing comfort. 

Shake bottle, close eyes & spritz on/around face, hair, space. Avoid spraying into eyes, keep away from pets and small children, lasts longer out of direct sunlight.

What’s in it?

Rose hydrosol, rosa damascena, pelargonium graveolens.

100ml refillable/recyclable printed glass bottle with atomiser.

Petal Flowerface Mist